Just wanted to thank you for such a meaningful class on Saturday. When you talked about "finding your home within you" it really struck an emotional center in me. I had a couple tears rolling down my cheeks. That concept has stayed with me through the weekend & my home practice today. Thank you Carolyn!

Renee Weeks


Yoga class was so good last night! It's wonderful to have you back! You truly have a gift for teaching Yoga!

C. VanNamee


My time spent in Carolyn's classes gave me a clearer understanding of myself. Her knowledge of asana and her ability to interpret the yogic tradition is accessible and strong. She makes hard to grasp concepts easy to understand by using her own life experience as a root. Studying with Carolyn always made me feel like an important part of the yoga tradition instead of just a student.

Cathy Ward Turner


One of my favorite aspects of taking a yoga class with Carolyn, is that she emphasizes healing and listening to one’s own body. It’s not about mastering certain poses, but instead, learning and developing your own practice. Each student and each student’s body is different, and she honors those differences in everyone she teaches.

Lily Noble

New Hampshire

Carolyn is a grounded, knowledgeable, and nurturing teacher. She incorporates all aspects of yoga into her classes. From meditation and breath work, to yogic philosophy and asana structure, her masterful delivery is transformational. 

Kellie Pinon

New Hampshire

I graduated from Carolyn Smith's Yoga Teacher Training program in 2014. I remember when I signed up wondering if I was indeed qualified enough to take it on, and could I dedicate a weekend a month for the good part of a year to doing this? End result: the weekends of yoga training while challenging turned out to be my most enjoyable weekends of that time, and today I teach confidently to a variety of student levels and ages in the Lebanon and Hanover area of New Hampshire. And the more I teach, the more I am asked to teach in additional venues. I am well prepared because of Carolyn's training to teach now yet continue to learn and improve. Carolyn's well designed teacher training program pushes students to be their best, and as a result prepares students to professionally teach. I am very grateful for this and look forward to taking additional classes from Carolyn.

Dave Anderson

New Hampshire

I have a dangerous physical job that leave me pretty beat at the end of the day, but I think the deep stretching and balance that Carolyn highlights in her classes helps me to prevent injuries and to heal the tweaks that are part of my daily grind. She also emphasizes breathing with movement much more than other instructors I've had in the past, this makes the yoga poses feel more natural and keeps my mind focused in the present. She seriously loves yoga, but her sense of humor and light touch keep everyone loose and comfortable throughout the whole session. 

Amber Reed

New Hampshire

My experience with Carolyn Smith and Yoga Teacher training at Rising Spirit Yoga was absolutely life changing. Carolyn's ability to foster growth and awareness of body, breath,and spirituality has both empowered and encouraged me to take my yoga out into the world, both on and off my mat! Her gentle, sensitive and compassionate style of teaching reaches students of all ages. I feel so fortunate to have had the opportunity to find inspiration and balance in Carolyn's teaching. 

Tari Scott


Carolyn Smith has had a profound impact on me as a yoga practitioner and teacher. I was a student in her ten month, 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training, receiving my YTT-200 in 2013. Her generosity of spirit, clear format of her program, and delivery of the details of her teaching philosophy- that teaching yoga involves consideration of the whole person together on the physical, mental and emotional levels, solidified my practice and provided me the tools to go on and teach yoga confidently to a variety of populations. I went on to focus on specialized populations, becoming a Kripalu Yoga in the Schools instructor in 2014, and now deliver that evidenced - based curriculum to students at the high school where I teach. In 2015, I had the opportunity to work as a KYIS assistant teacher, helping to train other yoga teachers in the KYIS curriculum. I would not have had the courage to teach a demo class to a room full of yoga teachers had it not been for the training I initially received from Carolyn. I am full of thanks and gratitude for all she has done for my development as a yoga teacher

Karyn N.


 I can't tell you how much her yoga classes did for me physically and spiritually.  She had a way with her calming voice and soothing words. Her gentle touch when fixing a pose was subtle and corrective.  I loved the extra touches she put into her classes like tea and especially the flowers which made me alone feel special.

D. English

New Hampshire

Carolyn has been teaching yoga, and living the practice of yoga for a long time, and it shows. She has a broad knowledge of yoga, and has a good grounding in musculoskeletal functional anatomy. She has a calm and healing presence- which I know is an easy thing to see, but it is really true. This is important if one is deciding whether or not to take the time to travel to class, as opposed to practicing at home. I do not know much about yoga myself. I do not own, nor should I be seen in, yoga pants. I am a middle aged physician and endurance sports enthusiast, who does yoga to try to remain functional. I appreciate Carolyn's interest in adapting yoga to the needs of an individual who is picking up the practice late in life. I refer patients with injuries, chronic pain, and some mental health issues to her classes. 

A. Solnit

New Hampshire

I have taken many yoga classes over the years in various venues. Carolyn's classes are my favorite. She has a very calming demeanor, thorough knowledge of the craft and it's origins, and you can easily follow her instructions with your eyes closed. I miss her when other instructors fill in.

P. Amsden

New Hampshire

Carolyn is someone who is living her yoga. It is not just confined to the four walls of her studio. She lives it in the community, with her family, and in her personal choices. Carolyn is an example of living your yoga on and off the mat. Carolyn cares deeply about her students and this shows through her classes, her adjustments, and how much she thinks about them outside of the studio. Her students LOVE her and show that love through their attendance at her classes and workshops and in how they speak so sweetly about her. She truly is in selfless service to her students. 

Joy Fichiera E-RYT


Carolyn introduced me to Vinyasa Yoga after nearly a decade of continuous practice in the Iyengar tradition. Through her, I learned to appreciate the complementary nature of the two styles. When I finally felt the call to teach, Carolyn devised a program that could build on my existing knowledge and support my intentions as a workplace yoga teacher at a rural manufacturing facility. Carolyn has a special gift for communication and sharing the benefits of yoga practice and instruction at all levels

J. Falkenham

New York

Yoga saved my life! Getting a sixty year old abused and neglected body through a yoga practice is no easy task! Carolyn teaches me how to do it physiclly, mentally, and spiritually. 

F. Lapham


After the first class with her I was so impressed. She is incredibly knowledgeable about body alignment, sanskrit, and theory and beliefs behind yoga. I feel like I am learning a lot and getting a deeper yoga practice both physically and mentally at her classes. She has a calm presence and as a teacher does a great job explaining the how and why of a pose and continue to bring back the big picture of why we practice yoga. I especially like that she reminds people to smile!

Amanda Gillen

New Hampshire

Taking part in the YTT with Carolyn is one of the best things I ever did. Carolyn was unfailingly generous and supportive in helping us become well rounded yoga practitioners. I took away much more from the training than the ability to teach a class. She helped me to understand the trans-formative power of breath, asana, and meditation working together to make life better. 

A. Coburn


Carolyn Smith, through her grace, warmth, and teaching skill, welcomes each individual who comes to practice yoga with her. The posture aspirations and refinement become the portal through which she capably leads the practitioner to carry what they've learned and experienced "off the mat and into your life". Her calm assurances, her expression of gratitude for being able to share her decades of training, are held deeply. I draw on them in my everyday practice of walking through my life.

Amy Peberdy


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