• Carolyn Smith


Today, on this most beautiful day, I found myself rushing around from store to store running errands and not outside playing or swimming. Then to come home to hungry kids, a counter full of dishes, and a little dog who made a huge mess that had to be cleaned up prior to putting all the groceries away and making kid food.

My head was spinning and once everything was back in place I felt this urge from the past, it actually played out in my head vividly, to pour a big glass of wine and chill out.

This happens occasionally where I feel overwhelmed and just taking the edge off with a glass of wine would do the trick.

So so instead I grabbed a bunch of veggies from the garden and made a BIG green juice, put my phone on silence, and sat outside. I enjoyed each sip mindfully, listened attentively to the birds and watched a few monarchs dance among the grass.

Within minutes I could feel the hemispheres of my brain and body re-synch. All was right in my universe again.

The Juice:





I don’t always have the time or veggies to unwind with a jucie so I often enjoy a cup of herbal tea with raw honey.