• Carolyn Smith

SI Joint Pain - Just Say No

Updated: May 16, 2018

Yoga teachers and students might be familiar with this pain in the ass.

As a regular yoga practitioner turned yoga teacher I know this pain all too well. I spent years with SI Join Pain. But now I know how to avoid triggering this pain, how to fix it when I do trigger it, and how to maintain a sustainable yoga practice that feels good.

The SI Joint or Sacroiliac Joint is where the sacrum and the pelvis meet.

A regular yoga practice that has has frequent forward folds, hip openers, and deep twists could possible, over time, cause hyper-mobility. A practice that frequently combines forward folds and hip openers can also cause instability in this joint. In other words, "the joint can get a little loosey-goosey!"

The perfect combination is frequent and deep:


How to heal from SI Joint instability

1. Modify your practice (when hip-opening keep spine upright or lean back)

2. Off the mat avoid bending over without bending your knees deeply

3. Strengthen the ligaments and muscles of the pelvis

There are many off the mat ways to strengthen & stabilize the pelvic muscles.

Some of my favorite are:

  • hiking

  • biking

  • walking

  • resistance bands

Below are three easy on the mat poses you can add to your practice. They are familiar, simple and all you need is a block. Squeeze the block. Do daily and hold each for 30 seconds.

1. Mountain Pose

2. Wall Squat

3. Bridge

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