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On the Bookshelf : May

Here is what I was reading in May. I tend to have several books going on at one time and they range from self-growth to novels (and cookbooks - I love cookbooks!)

1. Medical Medium by Anthony William

This book (and all of his others) changed my life and I hope you grab a copy so it can change your life too!

I first read Life Changing Foods and it blew my mind so I quickly ordered Medical Medium to have a deeper understanding of what Anthony Williams was sharing. Within a few chapters I just knew, deep down, that this was the answer to my “random health symptoms” I had asked for.

I had been dealing with random health symptoms for the past few years, they were not getting better, they were compiling, and Western Medicine just shrugged (after ultrasounds, bloodwork, and even laparoscopic surgery) saying “we can’t find anything wrong with you but the pill should help.” That answer was not good enough for me. Then walks into my life, Anthony Williams - he is literally a medical medium. So I was skeptical for sure. As I turned the pages of his book I was truly amazed and felt filled with hope and answers - I wanted to email everyone in my contacts to get this book now! If you have any symptom (or multiple symptoms) that is holding you back from being as vibrant and healthy as you could be spend the $18 and get this book.

During April and May I followed his food advice, took a few of the recommended supplements, and completed the 28 day detox. I also began each morning with 32 oz. warm lemon water, 16oz juiced celery, and the heavy metal detox smoothie.

I also listened to his radio show on the Hay House Soundcloud app. Any chance I got.

Within two weeks almost all of my symptoms resolved and now two months later I feel about 95% “cured” of the symptoms that were holding me back.

2. Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself by Dr. Joe Dispenza

Okay, I had had this book for two years now and I have read it cover to cover and now I have picked it up again. Another book that will literally blow your mind - and change your mind (that is the point of the book!) This book is so well written with many supportive stories. This is meditation at its finest. A must read book if your thoughts and mind are limiting you and you are curious about how to change your mind for personal growth. This book provides the necessary tools to make important positive changes in your life.

3. Farmacology by Daphne Miller

I LOVED this book - it was an engaging journey of a family physician who ventured outside of her clinic to find out more about how the way we live and acquire our food might affect our health. She specifically wanted to learn about how living off the land, farming, and eating from the earth could positively affect our health. Each chapter reveals surprising ways that the ecology of our body and the ecology of our farms are intimately linked. This book can help shift you personal health as well as the health of the planet.

4. Lunar Abundance by Ezzie Spencer

First of all this book is so pretty - beginning at the cover and each page the proceeds. This book in an interactive piece of art that aligns with the cycles of the moon. This book is part learning about the moon phases and how you can shift your life using them and part exploratory journaling. This book would make a lovely gift. “Lunar Abundance is a beautiful and practical guide for today’s women on cultivating peace, purpose, and abundance both in their personal and professional lives, guided by the phases of the moon.

I hope you find one out of my May stack that sparks an interest! Feel free to comment below ion your favorite reads from May!

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