• Carolyn Smith

Just Breathe

Say hi to friend and fellow yogi Cheryl Hunt! Cheryl has so many gems to share I'm excited to introduce you to her this week. Enjoy!

When asked to write something as a guest blogger I immediately thought I would write about meditation. It is one of my passions and an important part of my life. Meditation experienced as guided imagery and self- hypnosis helped me cope with chronic pain. Meditation done with prayer and mantra helped me through a cancer diagnosis and treatment. Meditation done in the form of Yoga Nidra is now part of my daily routine. I choose to embrace a healthy life not a life of dis-ease. Meditation is a vital part of my personal wellness. When reflecting on meditation and it’s benefits I realized that there is a common component that runs through every form of meditation- it is breath.

Focused breathing can help reset our body, mind and spirit. One deep inhale and long exhale can release tension, decrease stress, improve focus and decrease anxiety. Other benefits to deep breathing include boosting immunity, calming the central nervous system and improving mood. Deep breathing is similar to system reboot for the mind, body and soul. It is one of the best things you can do for your health. It is free and can be done anywhere. I wish I could prescribe deep breathing to validate the importance of taking a moment to STOP and BREATHE.

Human beings can live without food and water for days but we can only live minutes without breath.

Breathing is an unconscious act that sustains life but when done consciously a focused deep breath can improve health and wellness.

Do yourself a favor today. Find a comfortable spot somewhere; shut your eyes: shut off your cell phone; relax your body; close your eyes and just breathe…

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