• Carolyn Smith


I joined the #medicalmedium Berry Challenge : 2 weeks of eating, honoring, and loving the abundance of berries in our lives. I didn't need a social media challenge to eat more berries - I eat them by the handful and then some. I am extremely grateful I live on a farm where we have several varieties of berries growing in abundance.

Picking berries often translates into an opportunity of quiet introspection and the ability to hear the layers of bird song and insects around me.

BUT...there is a BUT always right?!? Here is what I did need:


I needed permission to eat berries and fruit again. After being strict Paleo for 5+ years I developed a #fruitfear

I considered fruit "sugar bombs" and severely restricted/eliminated from my diet fruit of all kinds - even berries! Eek!


My life changed and my eating habits evolved using the #medicalmedium protocols.

After reading #LifeChangingFoods, #MedicalMedium, and #ThyroidHealing and especially after listening to Anthony Williams talk on Hay House Radio aptly named : Fruit Fear (listen to show) I felt completely free to welcome fruit back into my life and honor its ability to heal. I changed my mind. I knew now that fruit was the missing link in my diet - it was what would turn it all around.

After four months, including the 28 day detox, I can say that I have been healed, by food and a few choice supplements (Lemonbalm!!!) of Chronic:

  • Acne

  • Severe Constipation

  • Mood Swings

  • Anxiety

  • PMS

  • Painful Periods

  • Foggy Brain

  • Achy Joints

  • Sinus Infections

  • Seasonal & Mold Allergies

  • Frequent Colds and Flu's

  • Adrenal Fatigue

  • and the stuff that I do not know about that was most likely developing - right?

Read the full scoop of my journey here >>>

Today I have re-gained my love of eating fruit and have a renewed energy and gratitude for the healing ability of food.

Here are a few of the key points (I highly recommend you read the blog/listen to the show in its entirety) from Fruit Fear that changed my life four months ago:

  • "Fruit is actually the most important food to eat when healing from disease"

  • "Fruit is in fact the most important food group to consume in order to protect you and your loved ones from chronic illness and a lifetime of unnecessary suffering"

  • "Fruit not only prevents illness, it slows down aging, kills off pathogens, and heals our bodies on a cellular level."

  • "Stops pathogens in their tracks"

  • "Sugar, while it may sound like an enemy to avoid because of our conditioning, actually runs every single cell in our body, especially our brain. It’s just a matter of having the right kind of sugar that’s found in fresh fruits and high-carbohydrate vegetables like potatoes, sweet potatoes, and winter squashes"

I truly believe that changing my eating habits using the #medicalmedium approach and bringing fruit back into my life was the catalyst to rapid healing to my chronic "mystery" health issues.

BUT...(what!?!? another BUT!) The best part is my family is eating better now too and my husband is totally on board. I feel like we are not only healing from our past we have protecting ourselves for the future.

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