• Carolyn Smith

Feel Good in Your Skin

Hey! I want to introduce my lovely friend, yogi sister, and graduate of the Farm Studio 200 & 300 hour YTT Cathy Turner - she is our guest writer this month! Guess what? She LOVES skin care products as much as I do AND she wants to be green too! Check out her all time favorite skin care items - I was excited to see I use some of these too!

Everyone has a secret love, right? Something they daydream about, plan for, and wonder where they could be found. Well, my secret love is not found in a person but, in skin care! Totally nerdy right!?? I can’t help but be swooned by natural ingredients, weakened by real fragrances, and roused by organic packaging. I have tried so many, loved some and left some. Below is a list of my favorites. Each product on the list is all organic, not used on animals, and has responsible packaging to boot.

Anti-Wrinkle serum - Vitamin C Serum by LilyAna

This stuff made my list because their first instruction is “less is more” which I love to hear when using products.

Day cream - Andalou Shade cream

I have recommended this day cream to many of my friends and they all love it. It is light and smooth and the best part about this is once you put it on it feels like you have nothing on. Perfect!

Night Cream - Acure night cream

I wasn’t always a night cream person but when I tried this one I could not go back.

Shampoo & Conditioner - Ethique

All time favorite product EVER!!! This is my newest fav. because their mission is to eliminate plastic containers for all their product. They do so by packaging everything in bar form and paper instead of a liquid in a bottle. The result is guilt free body care. Using one of these shampoo bars eliminates 3 bottles of shampoo per person.

Talk Dirty - App

If you ever feel lost in the isles wondering which product you want to try or which is the cleanest product put this app on your phone. All you do is scan the barcode and the App rates your product for natural levels. It explains what each ingredient is and how it may effect (or harm) you. Truly a natural skin care product helper!

Download app here >>>

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