• Carolyn Smith

CRP - Its Where Its At!

Updated: May 16, 2018

I first learned of Constructive Rest Postion (CRP) from #corewalking (check out his awesome website/blog)

It's a simple technique that anyone can do to release and reset your psoas. I see it as a whole-body/mind resent.

The psoas has many implications throughout your whole body as well as emotional well being. The more I learned about the psoas and practiced CRP I knew it's where its at!

"The psoas is the most important muscle you've never heard of and it is involved in, and responsible for, a great deal of the body's chronic pain. " -Corewalking

I teach CRP to all of my Yoga for Back Care students and encourage them to do it at home frequently.

Check out #Corewalking for a video and additional benefits of CRP >>> Click Here

(I only hold, and have my student hold, the pose for 10 minutes and have seen great results - but if you have 30 minutes go for it!)