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Cookbook Round-Up : July

I love to cook and I love cookbooks! I pick a cookbook off the shelf each week and plan the weeks menu from that one cookbook. This blog post is my top 5 cookbooks presently. Enjoy!

1. Bowls of Goodness

First off I am a HUGE fan of eating out of a bowl. I eat almost every meal from my bowl. So when I saw this book I was smitten. The recipes are vegetarian so you could easily add grass-fed beef if you wanted or eliminate/substitute ingredients to make it GF/Plant-based. I have cooked 10+ recipes from this book and I have LOVED each one.

2. & 3. Oh She Glows Cookbook & Oh She Glows Everyday

LOVE. LOVE. LOVE. These two books are my go-to plant-based wholefood cookbooks. I love each and every recipe...especially the sweets!

4. Medical Medium Life Changing Foods

The title of this book stopped me in my tracks. I first read it in the middle of a healing journey and I was like "yup! this is exactly what I need! Foods to change my current state of life (health/wellness/vitality). This was my first intro to eating plant-based and specifically eating specific fruits and vegetables to target specific health conditions. So if you are experiencing a chronic health condition than buy this book! The recipes are easy and yum-mee...the loaded baked potato and the sweet potato with red cabbage are soul food.

5. Plant Power Way

Full disclosure - I do not own this book. I have drooled over it at the bookstore plenty of times. Soon I will own this book - it is on my wish list! But I still want to recommend it because 1. I have cooked recipes from it and they are wonderful 2. Rich Roll and Julie Piatt have got it going on in the plant-based eating world and I do love their whole story and the work they are sharing with the world. 3. It proves, right along with books 1-4, that eating plant-based does not have to be boring! I eat amazing yummy gourmet food all day (thanks to these cookbooks!)

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