• Carolyn Smith

10 Simple Things I do to Amplify My Health & Happiness

None of these tips are new - they are super-charged recycled ways to make a difference in your life. BUT - you either do or you do not. You do not need to dive head first and try to make all of these happen overnight. Take one at a time and let it settle in and become a routine then grab another.

  1. Wake up and smile (no matter how you feel - just do the physical act) then take B-12

  2. Drink 32oz of warm lemon water (20 min before breakfast on empty stomach)

  3. Move my body everyday for at least 30 min (walk, run, ski, hike, garden, swim, yoga, bike - anything that makes you happy and outside whenever possible)

  4. Eat a ton more fruit and vegetables every day - organic whenever possible (eat enough that it nudges out the man-made food)

  5. Sit for at least 10 minutes a day - quietly - no electronics.

  6. Maintain a GRATITUDE practice everyday

  7. Drink 1/2 my weight in oz in water (this is hard for me, I have never liked drinking water - try adding lemon to it or fresh mint)

  8. Eat one meal a day raw (in warmer months)

  9. Eat one day a week raw (in warmer months)

  10. Magnesium 1 hour before bed (citrate or glycinate if it makes you poop too much!)

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